When you ask people why music is important you will get hundreds of different answers. Some believe that it is a universal language that can connect people living in the Yukon to those living on an island in Indonesia for example. Others see it as something spiritual that has brought us closer to higher powers for thousands of years. But one of the things that most will agree on is that it is something that elicits an emotional response. Whether that's joy or sadness you will never experience it more fully than when you're listening live right where the music is happening. There are thousands of great venues and concert halls throughout North America where you can see a live show. Here are some of the ways of finding one that will interest you.

Those that are living in small communities away from big cities like Toronto or in Los Angeles might not think that there is all that much live music happening in their area on a regular basis. But when you start looking for events you might be surprised at just how much there is going on. You might not have a concert hall or auditorium that seats thousands of people but there might be music groups that rent out space in restaurants, small theatres, and even church halls. Most smaller cities also have some sort of arts festival that takes place annually within a hundred mile radius. This is a great chance to experience all sorts of different types of music within a couple of days.

If you're living in Miami or New York for example, than the problem is likely not finding a venue in your area, but more finding the right concert to attend on any given night. It will usually all come down to the type of concert experience you would like to have rather than the style of music that's being played. There are live shows featuring thousands of screaming fans to more intimate concerts with world-renown artists. On any given night there are at least a dozen different concerts and shows going on throughout the major cities where you can hear everything from heavy metal to classical music.

Those looking for an alternative music experience than there are even more options available to you. You might want to have a night out that's a little different than hitting up the same restaurants around your condo by going to a jazz or blues bar. Or you could see if there are any cultural festivals and events going on where you can experience music from around the world. Watching people play and hearing the music as its created can be one of the most memorable experiences of a person's life.

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