The term tone-deaf is usually used when trying to describe an individual who has absolutely no beat to the rhythm of a particular song and it's an insult that's probably been hurled your way at some point during your lifetime. Try not to be too hurt by it though as there are many people out there, just like you, who have trouble understanding rhythm in music, whether they're listening to it in the car, while jogging or on the radio in their home. It takes a particular skill set to be able to learn how to dance, sing or play an instrument and if you can't pick up on the beats of music piece then you're going to be in for a whole world of trouble.

The first thing you need to know when learning how to dance or play an instrument such as the guitar or piano is that you need to hear the rhythm of the music. In order to do that you want to tune out everything around you, that can include a reality show on a TV flickering in the background or noises coming from outside due to an open window, and be one with the rhythm and beats of a song or dance routine.

If you can strip off the layers of a piece of music while trying to learn how to play it on the recorder or trombone you'll be able to get in tune with it and that'll make it much easier to learn how to play that particular song and your instrument of choice. The best way to do that is by reading sheet music, as that will allow you to get the right melody of a particular song, be it a song about flowers, hot cross buns or single ladies, and have you do so within the perfect timeframe.

When it comes to rhythm and learning a dance routine you also have to go to the basics and let your feet find the rhythm. If you don't how could you possibly know where to place your feet and at what time if you can't follow along to the rhythm of the song? The beats of a piece of music you're trying to dance to is going to be what leads you throughout the song and you need to be able to keep up with the rhythm and the beats if you expect to be able to pull off a successful dance routine.

In the end make sure to practice, practice, practice, whether at home or on the street while waiting for a bus to pick you up and you'll find that the rhythm will come to you in no time!

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