A lot of people spend a lot of time listening to music throughout the day. From wearing headphones blasting your favorite tunes through your iPod while going over bungalow house plans to having the surround sound system in your living room blasting music through the speakers to listening to music on your computer through your iTunes playlist, there are plenty of ways we listen to music all day long.

No matter the way we listen to music we can all agree that we occasionally, if not always, listen to music at a higher volume than necessary. Be it in our house, school or office, if we get a chance to turn up the music we'll do it. No questions asked. There aren't too many things more enjoyable in life than being able to dance and sing along to our favorite tunes as loud as we can, especially if no one else is around.

However, no matter how much fun we have listening to music as loud as we can, listening to music really loudly for an extended period of time can actually damage our hearing. It's estimated that over 30 million people suffer from hearing loss in the United States alone! If you don't want to end up being a part of that statistic then it's time to protect your hearing.

How can you do that? Make sure to monitor how loud the music you are listening to in your home is. It's a known fact that being exposed to sounds at over 85 decibels for a prolonged period of time can lead to permanent hearing loss. So, if you like to listen to music really loudly take breaks during your session.

If you love going to concerts you might want to avoid being near the stage where all the speakers are. That bouncing speaker in your face may seem really cool but after a few hours of being near it your hearing may suffer and you could find yourself walking into work the next day having difficulties hearing anybody.

Another good rule to follow when listening to music through headphones is to turn the volume down to about the 60% range. You don't need to turn the volume 100% up on the dial. Having the volume around the 60 to 65% range will minimize the potential of suffering from hearing loss. Just be careful when listening to music and you won't have to worry about hearing loss.

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