With most cars on the market now including CD players and hook-ups for a portable MP3 player, you might not think that you have much reason to listen to the radio anymore. It seems that while people used to put on their favorite station while they were doing everything from getting ready in the morning to working outside, there are now able to personally select all of their music choices. But, we should remember that there are still some great local stations out there and lots of reasons why you should still tune in.

One of the practical reasons to listen to the radio is just to get your weather, traffic and news reports. When you're driving back home at the end of the day it can save you lots of time if you know which sections of the city to avoid during rush hour. You might also want to make the most of your time in the car by keeping up to date with the events of the day. There are many stations that allow you to do that with news and traffic on the half hour.

There is a trap in always listening to your existing music collection that you will never hear anything new. While you may currently love to play the same few albums between your time at school and home it's quite certain that in a few weeks or months you're going to want to move on to something else. From those that are interested in the weekly top 40 lists to those that are more prone to checking out recently discovered bands who have not yet reached their peak in fame, there is likely a station in your area that's going to give you new and exciting things to listen to.

While most of the people listening to the radio while they're working or are at home making dinner are listening to music that is not the only choice when you're tuning in. The most common station that you will find on Canadian's dials is actually the news and talk station CBC Radio One. This provides discussion programs that talk about everything from the arts to politics to programs that provide us with original stories. If you're interested in the local events that are happening around the the city that you're staying in for your vacation or want to stay up-to-date with the opinions of people in your community regarding an important issue than you might want to check out what's happening on talk radio. There are also usually choices for those that are interested in listening to sports events and highlights.

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