Whenever you meet somebody new for the first time, be it a new coworker, a new friend in elementary school or a girl on a first date, you always have go to topics to talk about and questions to ask. The weather, sports, movies, books, and music are always topics that never fail to generate conversation. The great thing about talking about sports, movies, books and music is that you get to revel in the moment when you find commonalities. Then you also get to have some pretty deep debates when you come across something the two of you disagree about.

We could spend hours talking about the weather, sports, movies, books and music, if we wanted to. Since we know you're busy with other things, we're going to limit this article to music. From country to pop to classical to jazz to classic rock to show tunes, just to name a few, there are a wide range of tastes in music one can have. There are just so many different styles of music that when talking about who your favorite band is or what your favorite style of music is, you will never be able to pick just one.

Another great thing about music is that there is always a style of music that fits any occasion. If you're throwing a party with friends who just want to have a chill time, you can throw in some indie rock or light jazz to play in the background. Something that won't interfere in the wonderful conversations everyone's having but that also keeps the party in a rocking mood.

Also, when it comes to musical tastes, they always evolve. When someone asked you for the very first time, "what kind of music do you listen to?", can you remember what your answer was? Whether you can or can't, your tastes in music have probably changed since then. Just try to think about what kind of music you were into when you were 10, 15, 25, 50, whatever age. Think about how those tastes have changed. Just like you've changed, probably. You might have went from a Motown soul lover to a heavy metal head banger to a country crooning fan who belts out the latest country hits.

The next time you're hanging out with your friends, ask them who their current favorite band is or what music they're listening to? You'll find a diverse range of answers. No matter what is said, or by whom, it will at least lead to good times and good debates. What more could you ask for?

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